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VDC Offshore is a brand of SARL Vedettes du Cotentin, specialist in fast private travel between Normandy and the Channel Islands with 12-seater crewboats.

To meet the demand for maritime services which will be generated by the offshore wind farm projects to be implemented by the French State: we created VDC Offshore.

Our maritime knowledge of the English Channel and our local anchorage are major advantages for our customers. We decided to set up our boat management and maintenance structure at Cherbourg, half way between all the wind and wave power projects.


VDC Offshore made the measured decision to recruit locally, and more especially hire fishermen wanting to change profession.

Aware that creating sites on certain fishing areas may have local consequences, VDC Offshore wanted to take part in this transition by offering new career perspectives to men and women in the fishing industry.

This is why VDC Offshore, accompanied by the local authorities, wants to set up ambitious training plans for its sailors. The objective of this policy is to ensure that all our sailors have at least:
  • A sufficient level of English
  • A 750kW mechanicís certificate
  • A 200UMS masterís certificate

VDC Offshore Offshore is therefore initiating a process to certify its managerial system.

Visit our contact page to submit your application.


VDC Offshore currently owns several boats available for charter at all times. In 2012, we intend to continue increasing our offer and order a 15 m multi-mission vessel.

In line with our philosophy, we are also open to the possibility of sharing resources through a partnership. Contact us here to talk about it.
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