Personnel transport, Survey, Surveillance
Other Maritime work

VDC Offshore places its resources and staff at your disposal to support you in your work at sea.

Personnel transfer / Logistics support

Personnel transfer between the coast and the offshore sites.

Our crewboats are especially adapted for berthing alongside all types of ship thanks to reinforced pneumatic fenders.

Fast transfer of stores between the coast and the offshore sites.

Our strength: Rapidity and availability
Complementary services:

In addition to the transport of personnel and goods, VDC OFFSHORE can take charge of your store management as well as reception of your personnel at stations and airports.

Store management includes the following services: Order-taking, search for suppliers (priority is given to local sources), removal of goods, storage if necessary and delivery at sea.

Personnel management includes the following services: Welcoming personnel at the stations or airports indicated by the customer, transfer to departure sites, accommodation if necessary, support with the management of immigration procedures if necessary.

These services can be formalised in a framework agreement associated with chartering of the boats.


For your bathymetry, geophysics, lateral sonar, etc., whether in sheltered waters or out at sea, you are sure to find the right support to install your measuring instruments on our boats.

We accept attachments by drilling, under certain obvious conditions of safety.

Watch Dog / Surveillance

Sensitive work site? Our boats, which can travel at speeds of over 35 knots, are ready to intervene quickly and secure the area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All our crewboats are equipped with radar and AIS. Infrared camera on option.

Personnel hire

VDC Offshore can also meet your occasional requirements for personnel. We demand experienced, serious and friendly sailors for ourselves. You can take advantage of our recruitment.


If we do not have the boat you need for your mission, we can charter any type of vessel and fit it out for you (< 24 m): This is our business.
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